Pro Rider Barrel Racing Saddles
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Hand Carved Floral Saddles

We are currently updating our custom ordering system. Please call us to place a custom order.

We have a couple printable docs with pricing and options for your barrel racing saddle on our options page.

Thank you for your patience!


Saddle on left features: Hand Carved Floral, Floral Worm Border, Close Contact, Light Oil, Wide Tree, Cafe Floral Suede Seat, Custom Conchos



Hand Carved Floral, Horse Hair Tassels, Custom Berry Conchos, Dot Border on Jockey and Fender, Crystals on skirt and cantle, Black Ostrich Seat
Hand Carved Floral, Worm Border, Drum Dyed, Clear Crystals on Cantle and Skirt, Cognac Gator Seat, Floral Corner, Corner Cut Outs   Hand Carved Floral, Custom Conchos, Worm Border, Black Floral Seat, Corner Cut Outs, 15" Seat, 5" Cantle, Standard Tree



Gator Colors: Tan, Red, Black, Cognac -

Turquoise Gator Left - Faux Gator on saddle above (2nd saddle left column)


Floral Suede Color Options: Black, Cafe, Tan, Russet, Mocha

Corner cut outs

Custom Crystal Conchos - 4) 1 3/4, 2) 1 1/4

Click on any crystal for enlarged view.